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Printed Banners: Are They Still Worth It?

A lot of focus of many marketing businesses these days is digital marketing– basically anything that is done online. However, printed materials such as banners are still an essential part of the mix and always will be, no matter how technology develops. A brave statement you may think, but not really, as it is based on two facts about printed material:

  • They are straightforward
  • They are highly effective

Printed banners are a particularly useful form of advertising as they can be used in a variety of locations, and they have proven to be really successful in attracting new customers and getting company’s brand names out there. Here are some of the benefits of using printed banners:

Audience Engagement

One of the best ways to get customers interested in your business is to interact with them in some way. Banners are an excellent way to do this as they are a subtle way to introduce the customer to your business when they take notice of your banner. Customers these days are really savvy and don’t want to be overly sold to, and so using a printed banner is a great way to make them aware of your company and the services you provide while allowing them the option to make the decision to find out more by themselves. A well-designed banner will help to entice a customer in.

Similarly, banners are also a great way to target different customers and different audiences – which is great for businesses with more than one target market. Banners are great value for money, and you can produce different ones with varying messages on so that they are more effective in the long run. Of course, the branding and company theme should stay the same, so that the messages are not confusing.


Your business branding is a great way to impact on your customer base and an ideal opportunity to send them an impactful message. You could focus on a unique selling point of your business or use a memorable image which they will then associate with your company.

Brand Reinforcement

As long as you get permission, you can literally put your banner anywhere there is high traffic of potential customers. You can also leave your banner up for an extended period of time so that new customers can see it every day, and existing customers also see it time and time again. This reinforcement will not only help them to remember your company’s name, but also the services you offer and so they are more likely to remember your company when they need one of your services.

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Every business wants to make a good impression on their customer base, and one way to do this is through effective advertising. Using a top-quality banner as part of your marketing mix will help you project a degree of professionalism and credibility.


One of the main benefits of a printed banner is how effective it is. They are not easy to miss, and so customers are likely to take notice of them as they will catch their eye. Well-designed banners will give your business the best chance to attract more customers and so the design should always be taken into account. Wording should be kept as simple as possible so that customers can easily understand them, and they get a good idea of what your company is about without having to spend a long time reading them.


As we have said in the point above, banners can be placed in lots of different areas – at exhibitions, in reception areas, in the corridor that leads to the work canteen and so on. They can also be left for months at a time (as long as you have permission). This means that printed banners are very cost effective and they can have a very positive effect on sales and therefore profits.

As you can see, banners are a very effective method to promote your business when they are used correctly, so it is essential that you use an experienced company to do the design as they are something that the customer will associate with your business for a long time.

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