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What does our Google Partner status mean for you?

It should come as no surprise to learn that at Zool we have earned the Google Partner badge – after all, it is on the front page of our website, and on the footer of every other page. But what does being a Google Partner mean for us, and why should it make a difference to you?

What does a Google Partner Badge mean?

Our partner badge means we are a full service marketing agency who have employees who are certified in Google AdWords, have maintained a certain level of spend in AdWords for 90 days, and we are continuously meeting Google’s standards.

So, the fact that we are Google Partners means that we not only demonstrate knowledge and high performance in paid ads through AdWords but also that we are able to manage paid ads for a variety of clients successfully. Being a Google Partner ensures that we have received training which allows us to help businesses grow online, meaning we can offer you not only exceptional customer service but also a competitive advantage to other agencies.

But exactly what will it mean to you to work with us?

#1 Work with a company who are certified experts

The fact that we have achieved Google Partner status means that you get to work with people who have current Google AdWords knowledge and who meet Google’s strict standards for account management best practice.

#2 Work with a company who are masters of AdWords

In order to achieve Google Partner status, we have to know Google AdWords inside out!  This includes knowledge of ad extensions, ad scheduling, broad match modified keywords, phrase match keywords, split testing with AdWords and so on. Plus, we also need to know how to use them in a way that is profitable for you, the client.

#3 Get the inside track on new features

Google Partners like us have early access to Google’s beta features which means that when Google design a new application or function, we will be able to use and test this feature up to 12 months before the general public. This means that you get access to new Google marketing features months before your competitors do.

#4 Work with an Agency who has up to date knowledge

As we mentioned above, if we want to keep our Google Partner status, we need to refresh our understanding continually, and pass exams in such areas as AdWords Fundamentals, Display, Mobile Advertising, Search, Shopping, and Video. So, our Google Partner badge means that you are working with an agency who have the most up-to-date knowledge of PPC and the best strategies to use for success.

#5 Working with an Agency who only use best practice

Google encourages its AdWords partners to show that they are continually using best practice when it comes to ads – including doing split testing to ensure we are attracting the most significant volume of customers to your site and also making sure we have multiple ads in each campaign group with different keywords and messages targeted.

So, when you work with Zool, you know that you are not only working with an Agency who is partnered with Google and not only lives up to their high standards but who also offer you our guarantee of the highest quality service as well.

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