What does a Search Engine Optimisation Company do?

We’re a bit evangelical about what Search Engine Optimisation companies can do for business here at Zool (ours in particular), but we would be, wouldn’t we?  The fact is though, that whatever size business you run, you need a good search engine optimisation company supporting you, and here’s why…

To help you to access more potential customers and convert them into actual customers

We know that 90% of online searchers don’t look past the first page of search results and 60% don’t look past the first 3 results, so if you want to beat your competitors, you need to be ahead of them in online search rankings.

SEO also has one of the best conversion rates you can get– SEO leads have a typical close rate of 14.6% vs 1.7% for outbound leads (e.g. print).

To improve your customer experience

Some people still think of SEO as just being about getting you to the top of search rankings, but it’s so much more.  At Zool we create simple, clean, user-friendly websites; we reduce your bounce rate and we encourage customers to come back time and again.

To build brand awareness

When your website appears on the first page of search engine results your business is more likely to be seen as a trusted brand. Google was one of the world’s most trusted brands last year showing that if your brand has a strong online presence, you can gain trust, and therefore customers, by association.

To generate really insightful marketing

Because a good search engine optimisation company knows how to use online tools really effectively, we can provide you with insights to create customer-specific content and marketing to drive sales. In turn, we can also use these insights to improve your customer experience, whether this is by adapting the content of your website or targeting specific offers; ultimately we can drive customer loyalty and sales.

To create long-term sales

Some customers ask whether they should invest in organic SEO or Pay-Per-Click ads; well, our answer is usually both! PPC can help you to get sales in the short-term, whereas search engine optimisation is more of a long-term game. By working with a search engine optimisation company like Zool, you can grow the online presence of your business in both the short and long-term.  Neil Patel describes this really clearly as White Hat vs Black Hat SEO.

In summary, a strong search engine optimisation company can support your business because:

SEO = Traffic = Conversions = £

At Zool, we can tailor make a Search Engine Optimisation plan for your company, with a no hassle and no jargon guarantee. Give us a call on 01625 238 770 or email us on hello@zooldigital.co.uk and we can meet up for a brew and a chat.

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