Brands are the building blocks of business.

Brand Consultancy

At Zool, we don’t believe in predetermined or fixed marketing strategies. Your business and your needs are unique, and your marketing campaign should reflect this. With our personal and flexible approach, we will work closely with you to create a bespoke and fully integrated campaign that delivers on all of your marketing and design needs.

Brand Strategy

The building block of any successful marketing campaign is strategy. To create clever strategies that deliver results, first we need to know our clients inside-out. We take time to immerse ourselves in your business and fully understand your goals and audience. After we’ve done our homework, we can develop a creative and comprehensive strategy to help you to achieve your commercial goals.

Brand Identity

Your brand is the first experience people will have of your business, so making a great impression is imperative. Branding goes far beyond a logo; it should clearly define what your business stands for. We carefully consider branding from all angles and will work closely with you to build a brand that is consistent, functional, emotional, flexible and aware of its competitors.

Be unique, be Seen, be yourself

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Direct Mail

We create strategic mailshot campaigns designed for your target audience. Zool can help you to integrate traditional marketing practices into you overall campaign. By identifying and researching your target market and sourcing high quality data, we can then develop eye-catching and on-brand mailshot campaigns that effectively engage your audience.


Every brand has a story to tell, but how do you get your audience to listen and engage? We create campaigns that captivate and resonate. We understand that advertising to the consumer can be costly, so, you want to make sure you get it right first time and that your spend is 100% maximised! Zool have the experience and expertise to create campaigns that seize the opportunity to connect with consumers, change their behaviours and drive profitable business.

Graphic Design & Content Writing

By carefully listening to you and fully understanding your requirements, we can deliver high-quality products that fulfil all of your requirements. Our graphics team are hugely experienced and can guide you along the way, helping you to make the best decisions for your brand.
Similarly, Zool’s highly experienced and skilled content writers can provide fresh, unique and engaging content that will be perfectly on message for your brand. Whether it is copy for a promotional brochure, proofreading existing copy or writing website and blog content, you can guarantee we have the experience and knowledge to cover any topic.


Promotion, Events, Customer Relations and Reputational Management. Sometimes you need to shout about your brand to stand out amongst all the noise and sometimes you need to protect your brand in a competitive marketplace and make your voice heard. We provide high-quality PR for all situations, both online and offline, through our highly skilled and experienced PR expert and team of content writers and planners. So, if you are looking for help with an event or a product promotion, or are experiencing reputational problems, get in touch.