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Website Design & Development

Our in house Web Design & Development team will design and handcraft your website, tailored to your specific needs, and importantly the needs of your customers.

Finding the right web developer
The Internet has very much become the new high street for all companies. Every company has its own digital shop window, but how do you make sure you are on the main street and not off the beaten track? The answer is innovative website design with high quality content. Combine this with simple, effective accessibility, that’s how we do it at Zool. Our website design team is made up of designers and digital marketing strategists, we are in a fantastic position to ensure that all the important elements for creation of a successful website are delivered.


Planning is important. Our extensive website questionnaire is always a great starting point, followed by one on one consultations. Your motivation is also important along with that of your customers. We use a variety of CMS platforms including WordPress depending on your requirements. All this will planned together between you and one of our design team.


What makes great design just work? There are so many elements which need consideration to make this happen. Sometimes less is more, but at what point does less become lost? How do you make sure your website not only looks good but functions effectively for the user. Here at Zool we understand the delicate relationship between style and function.


Content is important to engage with customers and also appeal to search engines too. It is imperative to get your content well written. Analysis of the site is where our digital marketing team comes into the mix. They will ensure that the site and content are designed in a way to be search engine optimised(SEO) from the day it is published.


The site will be tested on a variety of platforms to ensure complete compatibility. Finally when the site is up and running and more and more people use it, regular upkeep will be needed to keep it in the best shape and updated with fresh content. We will be there for you to provide support when you need us. Its like having your own in house web development team.

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As the complete digital marketing solution, we can help you with everything, from initial branding to promotion of your brand through must channel marketing campaigns. Our team are ready and waiting to hear from you.

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