Fix Up, Look Sharp: Zool’s New Website Launches

Zoo's New Website

With our recent rebrand from Zool Digital, the complete digital marketing agency, to Zool Digital, the multichannel marketing agency, our website needed to be updated to fittingly reflect our new brand and service offerings. As we specialise in website design and development, it is imperative that our website showcases our skills and expertise. Essentially, our website is a testimony to our work. If it is unengaging, unclear or difficult to navigate, it does not bode well for what we do! It has to be first-rate.

Alongside the rebrand, we have taken on lots of new clients and projects – this year has been a very busy year for Zool and finding the time to fit in work for our website has been somewhat challenging! Queue – a Zool all-nighter, to try and blitz our website in one sitting using the combined brain power of the team.

The challenge: create a new visual platform to reveal our new brand. The aim was to create an engaging and enticing website which showcased our imagination and creativity. We wanted it to encapsulate our company ethos and fun work ethic, but simultaneously portray our vast industry knowledge, experience and professionalism.

Task 1: our content writers got straight to work, creating content for our new services. Zool are now a comprehensive marketing agency, offering digital, branding and design and print services.

Task 2: finding the perfect images. Images can make or break a website, therefore it is essential to find the right ones. We unanimously decided that we wanted the images on our site to be more abstract than they had previously been, to reflect that we are creative agency. We also wanted to challenge ourselves to think outside the box.

After a very long night and 22 cups of coffee, 13 Diet Cokes, 4 packs of flapjacks, 2 packs of Doritos and 4 Domino’s Pizzas, we finished! We’re very proud of our new site. We feel that it showcases our skills as a website design agency in Cheshire and perfectly captures our company spirit. Check it out and let us know what you think.

There are so many things to consider when it comes to websites. But, don’t panic, we are here to help! If you need help building a new website or reworking an existing website, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 01625 238770 or email us at

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