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We’re sure by now you’ve heard of the social app Snapchat. It originally emerged as a unique and fun photo-sharing app for young people to message on and document their lives using photos, and it quickly evolved into a global phenomenon. According to Bloomberg statistics, Snapchat has more than 100 million daily users who view over 5 billion videos and spend an average of 25 to 30 minutes on the app each day. So, it’s fair to say that Snapchat’s a pretty big deal – right?

Although Snapchat initially functioned as a photo messaging app for teens, recently we have seen it transition into a powerful marketing tool for businesses. In this blog, Zool explores the benefits of using Snapchat as part of your digital marketing strategy.

Connect with New Audiences:

With a global audience of happy snappers, Snapchat allows businesses to tap into a different market segment. Snapchat’s demographic is predominately 13-37-year-olds; it has an extensive audience of Millennials. This younger audience is known to be less affected by traditional marketing techniques. Therefore, Snapchat enables businesses to interact and engage with new markets, which are not as accessible on other social platforms.

The Importance of Storytelling:

Using Snapchat, you can give viewers a more personal experience of your business than they would normally get from traditional adverts. You can connect with followers on an everyday level and present a unique insight into the inner workings of your business. This could be events, press launches, new products or services etc. Posting stories in this way keeps your followers updated and makes them feel like they are part of your business journey.

Furthermore, visual storytelling is immensely powerful. Statistics have shown that we process pictures 60x faster than words, meaning that pictures are a must if you want to engage your audience instantly. Thus, Snapchat’s visual appeal makes it a great platform for social media marketing.

Temporary Content Demands Attention:

Snapchat’s unique feature is that photos are only visible for a maximum of 10 seconds before they are deleted. This concept of short-term content is an influential one – if viewers don’t view your content within a certain amount of time, it will disappear and they will miss it. This creates a sense of immediacy, as users are encouraged to view your content as quickly as possible. For obvious reasons, this means that your Snapchat content can receive great exposure very quickly.

Celebrities were quick to jump on the Snapchat bandwagon, using the app to promote their brand and connect with their fanbase on a personal level. Now, businesses are also realising and harnessing the vast marketing potential this social app offers.

This isn’t to say that traditional content marketing is redundant, (far from it), but it showcases the importance of social media marketing for businesses. So, move over Facebook and Instagram, Snapchat is quickly becoming the next big thing for businesses. With Snapchat, you can use filters to send adorable selfies of yourself as a puppy, and you can successfully market your business. Brilliant. 👻

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