New Year, New SEO Strategy

Last year we saw a multitude of updates that dramatically changed the face of SEO in 2016, from Penguin 4.0 to Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) and Google’s Mobile Index. In 2017, the world of SEO continues to change at an unprecedented speed as the Google algorithm updates.

We expect to see many more changes in the coming months, so as an SEO agency we will continually adapt our SEO practices in line with the constantly changing digital playing field.


In 2016 mobile optimization became a necessity and its primacy is only set to increase this year. It is becoming more important than ever to create engaging mobile experiences that are instantly accessible to your target audience. Moreover, with the introduction of AMPs last year, optimizing pages to increase loading speeds will also be an important consideration for brands.


To assess the efficacy of campaigns, identify problems and craft solutions, measuring campaign progress using analytics software is essential and will remain so in 2017. Using real-time analytics, marketers can track progress every step of the way and give clients a detailed insight.

In addition, in 2017 we are already seeing an increase in Internet spam. This will need to be filtered out of analytics software to ensure that it does not skew campaign tracking and results.


Content marketing remains a central feature of all marketing strategies. However, consumers’ distrust of online content is growing because of fake news stories which hit the headlines throughout 2016. Most notably, Facebook became the subject of controversy over fake news and has vowed to combat misinformation on its platform. As a result, readers are becoming more skeptical and selective in their reading choices. Thus marketers must create more targeted, high-quality content if they are to compete for consumer attention in an ever competitive world.

Local Search

Google’s Possum update affected local search by diversifying local results and preventing spam from ranking for enquiries. With mobile usage increasing, more and more people are searching the Internet on the move from mobile devices, meaning that businesses must rank highly for local search to secure conversions.

For us the start of a new year means evaluating (and where necessary altering) our current SEO practices to strengthen our sites for any future changes. As an SEO agency, it is not only important for us to react quickly to new changes in 2017, but to also try and predict these changes before they occur.

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