Digital marketing, SEO and the small to medium enterprise, is it a fair fight?

Digital marketing, SEO and the small to medium enterprise, a fair fight?


When the Internet came along, one of the great advantages it presented to small to medium size firms was how it allowed them to compete head on with much larger companies. All of a sudden, you didn’t need a store in every town and you could access markets internationally just from your website. In a typical town like Stockport, traditional advantages enjoyed by larger firms simply disappeared. Indeed, being smaller and lean was actually an advantage. These companies could move quickly to embrace the new online world and thanks to digital marketing and SEO, some of the larger firms were simply left behind. Consider the case of a leading supermarket chain. Despite being the fourth largest supermarket in the UK, they are only now getting their online offer off the starting blocks, and to do that they are having to partner with a smaller online firm.

The big guns get serious, using SEO and other online strategies succeed

While the playing field has been levelled somewhat, most larger firms are using their resources to compete aggressively online. The digital marketing efforts of these companies are maturing and they are now embracing a host of online marketing techniques. A quick look at platforms like Twitter and Facebook will show you how serious these firms are in their social media marketing campaigns. Almost all big companies have an active Facebook page and Twitter account, promoting offers and customer interaction, tweeting regularly to keep their customers engaged and up to date with what is going on in the company. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is still vitally important but it is by no means the only string to a digital marketing bow.

How small to medium firms can compete

The good news is that the advantages the larger companies have are still quite limited. It really only makes sense for a company to have one corporate Facebook or Twitter account, no matter what their size. Again, looking a typical town like Stockport, this means that smaller firms can easily match these resources. Platforms including SEO and social media optimisation are accessible to all, so the small to medium company needn’t match the deep pockets of big firms. Instead, having good, engaging and original content on your website and having a sensible approach to social media is well within the reach of a smaller company. The success of any digital marketing campaign can also be measured. It is important to agree goals upfront, but metrics like cost per acquisition of customers, unique visitors and, most importantly, increased transactions and profitability can all be measured.

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